The Covey Stool represents a dynamic relationship between form, comfort, and functionality. Drawing upon Buckminster Fuller's theory of tensegrity, the stool strikes an elegant balance between structural integrity and formal minimalism. It has been called a modern American classic.


The Covey Stool is featured in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Crafted to exacting tolerances and of the finest materials. The formed aluminum seat is first highly polished, and then clear anodized.
Walnut. Beautiful and sustainable. A hard wood that adds natural warmth to the stool's classic modernism.
The pure white seat top sharpens the brightness of the steel and heightens the sense of clean elegance.
A Delrin® sleeve ensures smooth adjustability.
Rolled steel legs in beautifully engineered curves form a simple yet strong platform.
Colored tops are produced with an eggshell finish and available in black, white, and arctic blue (pictured here).
The die-cast aluminum hub has a "tumbled" finish, lending an industrial sensibility to the highly refined nature of the stool. The stool is also 100% recyclable.
Clear nylon feet affixed to the steel legs assist in protecting floors.
Structural integrity, quiet artistry, and iconic design characterize the hand-assembled Covey Stool. Its enduring appeal has made it a favorite for both commercial and residential settings.